Moving Your Trade Show Freight ..Can Sometimes Be Tricky..

If you're an inexperienced vendor at a trade show, you may not even have realized that you may need to ship your booth's materials to the venue. It's not like you can just hook up a U-Haul to your Chevy and drive it there.

First, let's look at the difference of being a vendor at a hair and beauty 'meet up' event versus that of an actual trade show with potentially thousands of event goers. There are also all kinds of rules, guidelines and things that you should know before, during and after that can enhance the trade show experience for you and your customers. If it is a 'meet up', you may already have a great deal of experience with just renting a table as oppose to having the responsibility of setting up an entire booth. A 'meet up' is usually waaaaay less than 1,000 persons. It may even be less than 50. A trade show can have 30,000 persons during a multi-day event like Hair Nation Expo 2019. It has a capacity of up to 10,000 event goers per day. This makes Hair Nation Expo 2019 one of the largest LIVE hair and beauty events in the United States and especially that it focuses on Afro hair and beauty.

Okay, moving your 'freight' and we're not necessarily talking about your merchandise that you're intending to sell to the public, but the materials that are necessary to build out your booth space. Here's the question.. "How do you get it from one point to another point? Let's not even talk about costs. Well, we have our very own logistics partner company that's working directly with the vendors, sponsors of Hair Nation Expo 2019. It a wonderful company called Legacy Logistics. They deal with the installation and dismantling of exhibit booths and materials.

Let's not forget about insurance. It is 100% necessary for ALL vendors to have liability insurance. Many businesses have liability insurance and may present that to Hair Nation Expo 2019 event organizers. If you do not have insurance of this type, don't worry, Hair Nation Expo 2019 has you covered for just $109. It's all on event's website at www.HairNationExpo.Biz, look for the tab.

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