Part Two: How to Turn Your Mistakes Into Entrepreneurial Gold by Kerry Hines

PART TWO:  How to Turn Your Mistakes Into Entrepreneurial Gold I wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful feedback on the original article.  I had to incorporate that feeling of helping to change lives into a follow up piece.  I've been told it was these inspiring words from the top of the original article that connected with so many of you. It's hard to believe but even a mistake has a purpose.. How do you take your past errors and use them to your advantage?  Many of us don't realize that our mistakes are part of the success plan.  They don't realize that our mistakes are really elements of success turned inside out.  Yes. Even mistakes have a purpose. I believe that your past serves the greatest purpose of all in connecting you with your success.  The reason that I believe this to be true is that, just like a unique fingerprint, so is your past.  It belongs to you and you alone.  That makes your singular experience into the best learning tool in building a foundation for your future success.  No one can have a future who does not have a past. Many think that there is a reason for everything and if that is true then your past also represents something.  There's more than the obvious correlation between learning how not to repeat mistakes from the past.  That's a good thing but understanding why those mistake have made you into the unique person you are is the idea.  It's that uniqueness that lends itself to your success. I guess the first thing that we must do is learn to forgive ourselves from the things that you just didn't do right.  Have you ever noticed those who made a myriad of mistakes have made the most productive lives. Learning to look at your life with an open mind and be grateful for the mistakes made.  Also, have patience and understanding when dealing with others and focus on a positive future.  You'll accomplish your goals with few missteps.

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