What's the Best App for Salon Industry Professionals


t's the new 'App' kid on the block but the Salon TV Network APP by HaiRadio that's hit the market is one of the fastest growing, creatively invented, an most interactive APPs designed to support the hair and beauty industry. The idea

behind bringing the entire industry together digitally has long been the mission of Mr. Kerry Hines. "It's the best way for me to celebrate 25 years in the hair and beauty industry" Hines goes on, "..It's my way to honor those who have devoted their passion to serving their clients and each other". The Salon TV Network App airs original content to watch and learn but also houses "The Hair Radio Morning Show", listen live to the #1 hair and beauty radio program in the world or submit hair questions or connect with program guests. It's FREE to download at the Google PlayStore.

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