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A Kerry Hines Company

Watch Hair & Beauty 24-7 on TV

Q:  What is the Salon TV Network?

A:  The Salon TV Network is a 24 hour, 7 days a week, hair and beauty broadcast station.  It airs on televisions in hair salons, barber shops and even homes.  

Q:  Is it true that I can advertise my business or even create my OWN television show for the network?

A:  YES!  When you sign up to broadcast the Salon TV Network on your television (either your home or shop), you are signing up for one of our promotions plans that allows for you to advertise your business with actual 60 second television commercial advertisements or an actual 60 minute television show to air once a week on our network. 


Q:  How much does this cost?  Also is this network already running?

A:  The price is $995 to access the system and $99 per month. This covers the creation of your own tv show and production assistance.  Also, our proprietary device that is a mini computer for your tv set.  The monthly fee is to cover maintenance fees and production help fees, etc. 

Q:  How do I get started?

A:  Call 1-800-379-0748, we're the same folks behind Hair Nation Expo events and "The Hair Radio Morning Show".