Shivonne is a hair and beauty industry dynamo she is well known to our hair show audiences as a big supporter of the HaiRadio LLC brand and has been instrumental in shaping our industry efforts.  We're so proud to have her helping industry professionals and enthusiasts!  Seek her out and watch your fortunes unfold.  We are fortunate to have her be part of this journey. 


He's an expert in Natural Hair and is a successful force in helping folks from all over prevent hair loss through his artistry, techniques and education.  We're thrilled to welcome him to The Road to Healthy Hair Workshop.   We look forward to his workshops and his unique stage presence.  You'll be enlightened and enthralled. 



Kerry Hines is the founder of HaiRadio, Hair Nation Expo, The Hair Radio Morning Show, The Road to Healthy Hair Workshops and the author of "How to Get Rich in the Hair Business".  He's been a hair and beauty industry stalwart for 25 years.  Mr. Hines has been the ultimate publicist, marketer, and promotions expert with a touch of creative genius.  

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